School for Children with Hidden Intelligence
345 Oak StreetCounty:Ocean
Lakewood, NJ 08701Year Established:1995

Interim Director/Principal:Dr. James Delaney, Ph.D.732-886-0900
Executive Director:Captain Mark A. Seigel,

Type of Program/Services:Private School for Students with Disabilities.

Services Include:Educational evaluation by LDTC, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Speech and language services, Prevocational training, Life Skills, Counseling services, Music and Art therapy, Equine and Aqua therapy, ABA therapy

Full-time staff:200Part-time staff:100

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Multiple Disabilities; Preschool thru Adult Severe Disabilities
Age Range:3-21
Counties Served:Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer & beyond
Number of Students/Clients:170
Number of Classes (if school):23
Grade Range:Preschool, K-12
Length of School/Program Year:10 months & extended school year (6-weeks)
Private Students/Clients accepted:Yes
Scholarships available:

Mission Statement:Our mission is to provide a family centered educational environment that focuses on the individual needs of each student. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and a comprehensive educational program, our staff strives to provide the skills and supports necessary to assist each student in reaching their fullest potential. SCHI... because every special child deserves a chance.