Hunterdon Preparatory School
11 Spencer LaneCounty:Hunterdon
Annandale, NJ 08801Year Established:1976

Executive Director/Principal:Toby Ray Loyd

Type of Program/Services:Private School for Individuals with Disabilities - Day Program.

Services Include:Counseling, Social Services, Speech and Language, Physical Education and Special Interest Electives, After School Off Campus and Overnight Activities, Innovative Music and Art Instruction, Computers/Technology.

Full-time staff:24Part-time staff:2

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Behavioral Disabilities; Cognitive-Mild; Learning and/or Language Disabilities-Mild to Moderate; Multiple Disabilities
Age Range:12-19
Counties Served:Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, Union, Warren, Essex
Number of Students/Clients:76
Number of Classes (if school):9
Grade Range:7-12
Length of School/Program Year:10 months
Private Students/Clients accepted:
Scholarships available:

Mission Statement:Hunterdon Preparatory School provides integrated learning experiences that are both therapeutic and educational, along with group and individual counseling in formal and informal settings.