Banyan School
12 Hollywood AvenueCounty:Essex
Fairfield, NJ 07004Year Established:1993

Principal:Wendy McNeill

Type of Program/Services:Educational program for Learning Disabled population

Services Include:Social Skills Curriculum; Intensive Reading Program/Orton Gillingham/Wilson; Speech, OT

Full-time staff:24Part-time staff:3

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Learning and/or Language Disabilities - Mild to Moderate
Age Range:6 through High School
Counties Served:Essex,Morris,Union,Bergen,Somerset,Rockland,Passaic
Number of Students/Clients:95
Number of Classes (if school):15
Grade Range:1-9
Length of School/Program Year:180 days (extended school year)
Private Students/Clients accepted:Yes
Scholarships available:Partial Scholarships Available

Mission Statement:To educate elementary and middle school students with learning disabilities by identifying strengths and abilities, continuously monitoring individual progress and adapting the curriculum to meet each student's changing educational needs.