Laurel School of Princeton
800 North RoadCounty:Mercer
Hopewell, NJ 08534Year Established:2012
Phone:(609) 566-6000

Executive Director:James P. Sheeley
Head of School:Dee Rosenberg
Assistant Head of School:

Type of Program/Services:Day School

Services Include:

Full-time staff:12Part-time staff:2

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Wilson, Morphology-Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia
Age Range:Grades 1-9
Counties Served:All of New Jersey
Number of Students/Clients:42
Number of Classes (if school):12
Grade Range:1st through 9th
Length of School/Program Year:10 months
Private Students/Clients accepted:Yes
Scholarships available:Yes

Mission Statement:The mission of The Laurel School is to improve educational outcomes for people with learning disabilities and to empower them to become accomplished, dynamic members of society. We will achieve this through evidenced-based instruction for our students and expert professional development for educators.