Windsor Preparatory High School
60 West Midland AvenueCounty:Bergen
Paramus, NJ 07652Year Established:1993

Director:Robert Scorzo
Principal:Sherrif Upton

Type of Program/Services:Day School

Services Include:Counseling, psychiatric services, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, structured learning experience, job sampling, community based instruction, experiential learning.

Full-time staff:37Part-time staff:23

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Behavioral Disabilities; Multiple Disabilities
Age Range:13-21
Counties Served:
Number of Students/Clients:88
Number of Classes (if school):9
Grade Range:9th through 12th+
Length of School/Program Year:10 Months/Extended Year Option
Private Students/Clients accepted:
Scholarships available:

Mission Statement:The Windsor Prep program serves classified students, grades 9-12+, who exhibit learning, emotional, behavioral, and attention disorders. Windsor Prep also provides specialty transition programs, REACH and TAP, which allow students up to age 21 to prepare for life after graduation by participating in Experiential Learning, Community Based Instruction, Job Sampling and Structured Learning Experiences. A structured behavior modification program stresses the rewards of academic diligence and good conduct via a student ranking system, with graduated privileges including athletic, extracurricular, and community service activities. Clinical services, including counseling, and psychiatric services are offered, as well as occupational and speech and language therapies. Students are encouraged to enter post-secondary programs. Our goal is to make sure the opportunity to succeed is offered to each and every student.