Shepard Preparatory High School
8 Columba StreetCounty:Morris
Morristown, NJ 07960Year Established:1997

Director:Frank Cocuzza
Principal:Dr. Lauren Nava

Type of Program/Services:Day School

Services Include:

Full-time staff:34Part-time staff:23

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Behavioral Disabilities
Age Range:13-21
Counties Served:
Number of Students/Clients:75
Number of Classes (if school):7
Grade Range:9th through 12th
Length of School/Program Year:10 Months/Extended Year Option
Private Students/Clients accepted:
Scholarships available:

Mission Statement:Shepard Preparatory High School is for students with behavioral and learning disabilities who function within the average to high average range intellectually, but need highly individualized instruction due to diverse and often complex emotional and behavioral issues and/or disabilities. Shepard Prep implements a college preparatory curriculum which is aligned with NJ State Core Curriculum Content Standards. Honor classes and College Board Advanced Placement Courses are offered. For select students, a work-study option is available. Upon graduation the vast majority of pupils go on to college. A teacher and 2 aides are in each class of 10-13 students. Elective programs are offered in drama, computers, instrumental music and Spanish. A full array of athletic and extracurricular activities takes place during and after school. Shepard Prep employs a school wide distinct copyrighted, evidence based, social emotional learning program to assist students in adapting to the intricacies of interpersonal relationships and the complexities of societal demands. Counseling, Speech and OT services are available.