Gateway School
60 High StreetCounty:Middlesex
Carteret, NJ 07005Year Established:1980

Executive Director:Ruth H. Reinhard
Principal:Christopher Hoye

Type of Program/Services:Day School

Services Include:

Full-time staff:26Part-time staff:2

Classes Offered/Disabilites Served:Autistic and Multiply Disabled
Age Range:5-21
Counties Served:
Number of Students/Clients:54
Number of Classes (if school):6
Grade Range:
Length of School/Program Year:10 Months, Extended Year Option
Private Students/Clients accepted:
Scholarships available:

Mission Statement:Gateway School provides an enhanced alternative program for students who require specialized techniques and strategies to meet the following areas of functioning: cognition, life skills, academics, language, visual and auditory perception and fine/gross motor skills. Support, training and communication are hallmarks of our parent involvement programs. Individual parent consultation and monthly group presentations on a variety of topics, including behavior training and transition planning are offered.